Current Projects

Currently spear-heading a world class technical solution to deliver top-tier services to our Quad State Dealers.


Microsoft NAV Dynamics

Dynamics 365 is a set of intelligent business applications that helps you run your entire business and deliver greater results through predictive, AI-driven insights.



This project allows viewing various products available enables registered users to purchase desired products instantly using a payment processor (Instant Pay) and also can place order by using Cash on Delivery (Pay Later) option. This project provides an easy access to Administrators and Managers to view orders placed using Pay Later and Instant Pay options.


Top Level Domain Migration

Quad State Distribution manages numerous Top Level domains dedicated to hosting internal operations as well providing updated inventory information for our dealers and prospective dealers. We are commited at QSIT (Quad State IT) to centralize all management of these domains and incorporate increased efficiency to users accessing our systems.


Cloud Based Integration and Virtualization

The fundamentals of information technology have changed seamingly overnight. This is largely due to virtualization and cloud based architecture. Here at Quad State we are commited to scalable enterprise solutions that pass on technological advancements directly to our employees and dealers. We are in the process of making great strides in deploying cloud-based Sales and Accounting systems to world-class service to our partners.


Buy Bagels

"I brought in bagels for some of my people the other day," Reported our CFO "It cost me $20. It's a cost-effective way to boost morale, and the staff really appreciated it."


Partner Communication Exchange

Pushing forward to develop a communications and collaboration platform that provides employees and clients presence, secure IM, voice and videoconferencing, virtual desktop sharing, and network-enabled phone functionality based on technology from Microsoft and Cisco.


We've launched a Microsoft-based ERP initiative within its Enterprise Computing Solutions business unit, implementing 34 modules, including functionality for CRM, lead management, finance, order processing, and SCM, integrating the SOA platform with several internal warehouse management and import/export compliance systems, as well as external partner interfaces.

Quad State "The Company"

Quad State Distribution, has been distributing name brand products since 1975. We are proud to provide the best in car audio receivers, subwoofer, amplifiers, car alarms, window film, speaker enclosures, H.I.D kits and 12 volt accessories to name a few. You can count on us to provide you with the best customer support and keep you up to date with the latest technology. With our centralize location in Dallas Texas you can expect delivery to most out of state location within 1-2 business days.

I'm happy with the service I received from the company. I wanted solutions for my challenges and when I visited thier site, that's what I found. Speaking with the service team, they helped me get exactly what I was looking for.

- Stephanie Thomson Product Specialist - Integrate Inc .

I'm so impressed with thier ability to work across teams and departments, that's a strength not everyone has. For example, when they drew the marketing team into our conversations, it sharpened our ideas and helped us meet goals faster. Keep up the good work.

- Samuel Richards CEO - Kubra Inc.

Thanks to your willingness to take risks and learn from mistakes, we solved a problem that could have cost the company a lot in the long run. Great work!.

- Janet Foundry Liaison - Silicon Valley Capital