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B.BOX Professional


The control unit B.BOX Professional will impress you with its exceptionally sleek design and well-conceived ergonomics. The large, clearly arranged touch screen display is easy to operate and lets you control up to two application devices simultaneously and independently of each other (2-in-1 function). The award-winning touch screen display allows for easy, intuitive operation of the device. The display is very clearly structured and self-explanatory. It also features Edit Mode, a software tool that allows you to create your own indication-specific programs and store them in up to nine memory locations.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions (L x W x H): 23 x 22 x 7/16 cm
Weight: 2500g
2-in-1 Functionality
Edit mode
Large, easy-to-read touch display
Memory card slot
Sleep and regeneration program
Dual Control functionality
Integrated B.SCAN